Hospice Flower Bed

Hospice Shop Flower Bed

New Miles Lane didn't exist prior to the demolition in 1961 of the Old Manor House in the photograph below.

Old Manor House.
There are residents of Shevington who will remember Gaffy Yard that was where New Miles Lane is now (see drawing below). Surrounding the yard were several stone cottages with gardens/pens, a barn and the George and Dragon pub.

Drawing of Gaffy Yard Circa 1947

Shevington and District in Bloom
March 2011 before the flower bed was made.
Shevington and District in Bloom was formed in late March 2011 with a very small group of volunteers.  This is the site of their first flowerbed.  The Co-operative Community Fund generously donated funding for the digging out, summer planting 2011 and winter planting 2011/12 of this flower bed.

On a damp day in early June 2011, young children from Shevington Community Primary School’s ECO club did the first summer planting of colourful geraniums.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the planting and were very proud of what they had achieved.

In July 2011, this bed was part of the judging in Shevington and District in Boom’s first ever entry to the North West in Bloom Competition.  The group achieved a Silver Gilt award and the Judges awarded a Highly Commended Certificate because of the impressive work done in their first few months.

Summer 2011

The 2011/12 winter planting of polyanthus, violas and white tulips brought vibrant colour to the area and it was very well received by the community.

In summer 2012 to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics a red, white and blue theme, was chosen for this bed.  The children of Miles Lane Community School's ECO Club again planted this bed with red and white begonias and blue ageratum.  Funds for this bed were donated by national house builders Taylor Wimpey who are building new houses in Shevington.

The school ECO Club with the Shevington and District in Bloom flag.
Photograph of Richard Priestley an executive of Taylor Wimpey, Damian Jenkinson Co-ordinator of Wigan in Bloom, Eileen Longmore and children from Shevington Community Primary School’s ECO Club who planted the bed.

The bed in July 2012 prior to the North West in Bloom Judging.

Royal Horticultural Society Wildflowers

Two wildflower beds were prepared and seeded on this site in spring 2012;  one bed along the Hospice Shop wall with pictorial meadow seeds and the other smaller bed between two ancient hawthorne trees with seeds donated by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Pictorial Meadow Wildflowers along the
Hospice Wall.
Judging Day - July 2012

Two of our volunteers with the Shevington & District in Bloom Logo on their
T shirts with our two RHS judges Brendan and Bernard.

In 2012 Shevington and District in Bloom were awarded 'Silver Gilt'.

In Bloom 2013 

Shevington and District in Bloom entered the North West in Bloom Competition for the third time in July 2013 and were awarded 'GOLD', along with the Preston's of Bolton Silver Salver for 'BEST TOWN' and invited to represent the whole region for Britain in Bloom awards in their 50th Anniversary year.

The Hospice Flower Bed in Spring 2013

                     The Hospice Flower Bed in Summer 2013

Summer 2014

Children from Shevington Community Primary School planting Horseshoe Bed

Completed bed

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